The Dawning of Hope

When I was young, there was only one place that I grew to enjoy: Church. People made fun of me at school and I was brow beaten and put down at home. The one solace I had was Church. People there treated me like a peer. They seemed to value my input and seemed eager … Continue reading The Dawning of Hope

Is There A Secular Community Out There?

Now that I'm acclimated to the atheist online scene, I'm itching to get involved with a secular community but there doesn't seem to be one here in Central North Carolina.

Is Christmas Weird for You?

My wife thought it was odd that I was listening to so much Christmas music this year as an atheist. I have to admit that I had realized it as well. It took a few days before I pieced together that a general change in perspective I'd been experiencing had been accelerated by a change … Continue reading Is Christmas Weird for You?

I Am Openly Secular

I've been struggling for several months to write one or more posts on the fact that I have determined that I am an atheist. In fact, I have probably at least five drafts of posts saved that I began but was never able to complete satisfactorily. However, I also feel that the fact that I have not declared the fact that I am now an atheist and a humanist is hindering me from posting many other things I'd like to post that begin with the assumption that you already know I'm an atheist.

US State Department Admits “We Cannot Kill Our Way Out of This War”

Apparently the political and religious right are pitching a fit about the admission by a spokesperson for the US State Department that America, or indeed anyone, can win this battle by trying to kill all of the violent and fundamentalist Muslims. The fact is that the more violent Muslims that are killed, the more new … Continue reading US State Department Admits “We Cannot Kill Our Way Out of This War”